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What I love about you

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Weeks 3-4

I can't believe a month has gone by so quickly.
There are so many things I love about you Moriyah...

   I Love...

  • saying your name
  • how precious you looked when we had your portraits taken
    Sissy snapped these pics as the photographer was taking hers
  • how your big sister Victoria can calm you

  • the bonds that are being formed
  • that everyone kisses you as they walk by 
  • the coos and smiles that are starting
  • that you take at least 2 good naps during the day  
  • that you eat every 3 hours 
  • that we have a routine that is working
  • ending a busy day with you quietly nursing
  • that you turn to look for me when you hear my voice                    

      Here are a few photos taken over the last two weeks...

This is how you napped at the grocery store- in your sling

Your bonnet and booties were handmade with love by a sweet
little girl we met at Sukkot. Thanks again Miss Zoe and family!

Mommy loves you so much

A short video from last weekend...

Wow, a month went by so quickly! It was a precious time and exhausting at the same time. We are finally settling in to a nice routine.  I wake you at the same time each morning to start your day and have you eating every 3 hours.  We have some time awake time with you and then you are back down for a nap.  You seem more fussy than my other babies (but this time I have so many hands willing to help) and because of this I started our routine earlier that with the others. This way I know when you are fussy what exactly is wrong.  Victoria seems to calm you easily and I find myself asking her to hold you! I put you down while you are still awake and occasionally you fall asleep but mostly you are rocked, nursed to sleep at night.  You are just now starting to sleep in your crib since you sleep better there.  You go 4-5 hours at bedtime after bath and bedtime routine and then wake for the 3 hour feed before your morning feed/breakfast. 
We hardly left the house this month with the exception of your 2 week checkup, a grocery store trip, newborn portraits and a few dinners at Nana and Poppy's up the road. You weigh 9 pounds now and your face and body are filling out.  We've all had fun seeing if your eyes will turn brown because in the light they look grey/dark blue.  Of course we know they will be brown but it's been fun.   It's also been fun sharing you with the children and seeing how happy you make us all. The coos and smiles are starting! I was looking forward to that!

You are VERY loved sweet baby girl.  May Yah continue to keep His hand upon you, keep you healthy and safe.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

What I love about you

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I've decided to keep this blog to document the first year with Moriyah.  This will be a series for a keepsake that I will combine with the pregnancy entries to form a book I will order for her first birthday.  Thanks to Michelle for the wonderful idea!

Birth- 2weeks

Mommy made this shirt for you which will go in a shadow box

I love...

  • that you are finally here!
the moment Daddy placed you on my chest
  • our first family picture with you in it

  • the newness of your tiny cloth diapers and cord

  • the way you looked in Daddy's tallit at 6 days old

  • how peaceful you look when your sleeping in my arms

  • that your cord came off and we can dress you up now

your sisters picked out this jumper to put you in first

  • watching all the tenderness shown to you

  • seeing you stroll the garden with Daddy your first time outside

  • how good you were for our first outing. Slept entire time.

  • the feeling of carrying you in my newborn sling

  • all the visits, meals and gifts from loved ones because of you

  • snuggling with you in our bed at night and nursing you to sleep
  • the way you smell 
  • how only nursing can truly comfort you
  • how tiny you are
  • that you look a little like each of your brothers and sisters
  • how you have changed our lives forever
  • how you've already brought so much blessing

I can't believe your first two weeks went by so quickly. I have richly enjoyed our time together while Daddy has been home taking care of everything for me so we can have our special time during these early days. I will miss our babymoon but I'm going to try and drag it out a bit longer!  Our first and only outing was to see Debra for your two week check-up.  You are back up to your birth weight at 8.8 pounds and very healthy.  All the children adore you and want to hold and kiss you ALL the time. I love you so much and can't imagine our family without you in it.  You are so precious and we are all so incredibly blessed and thankful for you.

*if you missed the birth story and video click here.

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    The Homebirth Story of Moriyah Elyse

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    MoriYah wrapped in Daddy's tallit on Shabbat at 6 days old

    ~Moriyah Elyse~

    born at home
    Yom Shabbat (Saturday)
    July 30
    5:14 pm
    8.9 lbs 
    20.5 in.

    I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with you.  It was November 13th and our family had recently returned from an amazing eleven day Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) celebration. On one of the last days prayers were said for the wombs of the women to be opened and little did we know, mine would be one of them.  We thought our family was complete.  After all, Dalton our youngest would be turning 4 in a few short weeks.  On the morning I took the pregnancy test I didn't have any symptoms.  I just had the overwhelming feeling that I was pregnant.  Daddy was working in our home office and the children were playing outside.  I took the test and it showed positive immediately.  I took the stick into where Daddy was with a huge smile on my face and sat down in front of him.  He looked up and said "You're pregnant?" and I nodded. He stood up and hugged me.  As we had done several times before with positive tests we spent the next several moments embraced and envisioning our family with an infant and the changes that lie ahead. Then we prayed with thankful hearts.

    Daddy was set to leave the following morning on a business trip so we agreed to tell the children on Erev Shabbat (Friday night) at dinner.  It was hard to keep the secret.  I spent the week creating a pregnancy blog and staying busy with home schooling.  During this week we found out another couple from Sukkot and dear friends of ours were also expecting around the same time!  So exciting.  Friday finally came and Daddy arrived home with flowers.  We were both eager to share our joy with your siblings.  After prayers and blessings Daddy announced that YHWH would be adding to our family in late July with either a brother or a sister.  Victoria and Gregory were excited but Rebekah, Irelyne and Dalton didn't quite catch on or understand.  In fact it wasn't until the end of dinner that they understood that I was in fact pregnant because apparently they thought we were adopting since we'd talked of it in the past.  

    I had used the same Midwife with my last three home births but this time i felt deep within the need to look elsewhere.  I did a search and found that the assistant with Daltons birth had her own practice. I loved Debra. Daddy did too.  She was so calming and very laid back instead of take charge like the previous midwife. I didn't know why Father would be leading me this direction but I was certainly going to listen and as with everything when we choose to obey the revelations come.  They did come and I will share about it later.

    My first trimester was uneventful and other than being tired I felt great.  We even took a family camping trip to Sante Fe for fun in the snow.  My second trimester was busy with various projects around our home and an ultrasound that revealed you are a girl! So during the third trimester we began working on your nursery and preparing for your arrival. We had been praying about your name for months wanting YHWH to name you. MoriYah Elyse means set apart and chosen/taught by Yah.  Our desire is that your life will reflect your beautiful name. 

    The ladies in our fellowship gave us a tea party baby shower. It was such a fun afternoon celebrating you and making hair bows. With just two weeks until my due date Debra shared that you were still posterior and it wasn't a big concern but for me to do a little research on it because my labor would be a bit different that all the previous ones.  I browsed a few websites and tried the last week to get you to turn but you were comfortable and didn't budge.  

    My due date came and went as I expected it would.  The children were growing anxious to meet you and asking all throughout the final days "when is Moriyah coming?" I tried to savor the last movements in my large tummy and baby hiccups.  There is nothing like it.  I had a few nights of false labor and finally exactly one week past my due date on July 30 at 3:30 am I awoke to contractions.  In my heart I was praying for you to be born on the Sabbath.  So once I decided to call the Midwife and assistant I was excited that the time had finally come and that it was indeed Shabbat as I knew in my heart it would be on this set apart day that you would come into the world and join our family.

    All along I was positive I would labor at night after all the children were in bed just as I have always done and that it would be short and quick as usual.  I was wrong.  Once again the Father was teaching me patience and to look to Him and not to rely on my own strength and understanding.  

    Contractions were light as we awaited the Midwives.  The sun began to rise and I began to wonder what was taking so long for labor to really kick in.  The ladies arrived at 6am and began to set up as I walked around the house. David woke Victoria up so she could get ready.  It was her desire all along to be a complete part of the process.  She has felt a calling to Midwifery for some time and has been in prayer about it.  I too had been praying that this would be a wonderful experience for her and for our family.

    I was checked for dilation and told I was at 8-9 and that seemed normal but I wasn't in pain so it made me cautious.  The children began waking one by one and coming into our bedroom where by now I was on our bed relaxing through contractions. We all sang the Shema (Deut. 6) and prayed together.  I was very emotional.  I cried several times throughout my labor so thankful to be blessed again.

    By noon I was rechecked and it was noted that I was actually only at 6 and that I needed to start trying to do some things to help the baby turn and help labor progress.  Apparently when a baby is "sunny side up" there isn't a lot of pressure on the cervix and labor takes much longer.  At this point I was exhausted but went along with all the various techniques and did my best to concentrate, pray and focus through the pain. Debra shared that I had options and we could easily go to a nearby hospital if I ever felt like I couldn't go on.  It was horrifying to hear.  She reassured David that baby and I were fine and that she was trying to help and didn't want me to feel trapped. 

    By 1pm it was decided that I get into a warm bath to relax. The bath was nice but I couldn't get comfortable and my body kept wanting to lean back instead of forward.  The entire time Moriyah was active as if trying to find her way. I remember Victoria coming in and seeing Daddy and I both yawning and then all of us laughing. We were beyond tired.

    While there in the bath my Mom showed up with pizza and to help with the children.  She came in and prayed for the baby to turn.  I could tell she was concerned.  After she returned to the kitchen I shared with David that I wasn't worried because the baby was moving but that I simply wasn't prepared for the lengthy labor. It was likely that if i was transported that I would have a Caesarian and baby and I would be medicated. I continued praying for strength.

    Just at that moment YHWH sent my Midwife Assistant in to see how I was doing and for encouragement. Heather has five children and shared that her last labor was longer than her first and she said I needed to adjust my thinking and get rid of any expectations I may have had because 'the LORD is doing something different this time." Then she asked if I'd prayed.  I had been in what seemed a constant state of prayer and I had much peace and wasn't anxious a bit.  So I settled back in to concentrating but now with a different mindset.  

    By now it's after 2pm and I am hungry and dreaming of a green smoothie. I decide to continue eating crushed ice and fresh cantaloupe from our garden that Daddy and Victoria have been bringing me since early morning.  At 3pm I get out and go back to my bed. Around 4pm I start transition.  I know this because I can no longer keep quiet. My moans are getting louder.  Victoria was right there rubbing my back and Daddy was beside her and concerned at this point he would later share.  It's been 13 hours since labor began.  I tell Victoria she doesn't have to stay if I am scaring her.  She reassures me I am not and that she is fine.  I opened one eye  and told Daddy to take a break and go out of the room.  It is 5pm. He actually did go out of the room and asked Debra to check his blood pressure. 

    The Midwives were in the living room where they stayed most of the day to give us privacy.  Daddy shared later that he was concerned and didn't know how much more I could take.  This was a first for us.  The longest labor prior was Sissy and since she was my first it was expected and was roughly 12 hours born in a hospital with pain medication.

    There was no break in pain for a solid hour. I must have announced that I needed to push because Victoria ran to gather Daddy and Debra. Pushing was a relief and two pushes later you crowned with your hand by your face and all were surprised to see you had actually turned! As your head came out my water broke and Daddy pulled you up onto my chest! Whew! It was 5:14pm. I immediately noticed how tiny you were in comparison to the last three babies. With a head full of dark hair you began to cry and I kissed you, kissed Daddy and thanked Sissy and the Midwives.  As we waited for your cord to stop pulsating I tried to nurse you and you latched right on.  The after birth contractions are just as bad as labor contractions! 30 minutes later I delivered the placenta and Sissy cut the cord.  Daddy has always done this but he asked if she wanted to and she was excited to get to do it. 

    Sissy went to get the other children so they could meet you while Daddy recorded their chatter as they walked down the hall. They joyfully came into the room with cards they had been working on.  Daddy put on his tallit and blessed and dedicated you. Again, I was in tears. It was a precious moment with all of us gathered around you. 

    Looking back I now understand why I was led to another Midwife with a completely different disposition.  I am thankful I listened to the spirit within. Debra allowed me space and time to listen to my baby and body.  She and the assistants were a blessing as were Daddy and big sister Victoria. 

    Praise YHWH you were born healthy and at home surrounded by love. We pray your name is a constant reminder of your calling to be set apart and your life would reflect the light of hope and truth!  I am already seeing the fruit and blessing from  your life within our home.

    Thank you Abba YaHWeH for this precious miracle and blessing and for another birth experience to learn from and draw closer to you. ♥

    Picture video of pregnancy and homebirth

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    Welcome Baby Girl

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    Moriyah Elyse

    born at home
    Yom Shabbat (Saturday)
    July 30
    5:14 pm
    8.9 lbs (currently 7.15lbs)
    20.5 in.

    We are all so thankful that Moriyah is finally here with us! She came into the world and joined our family on a Shabbat just as I knew in my heart she would. It had been my desire that she would be born on the set apart day and Father honored that. It was my longest and hardest labor and one I am still processing from all the spiritual and life lessons. It was such an amazing process albeit a long 14 hours.


    I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that this precious miracle was a gift for our entire family and she is. She is so much more than words can describe. Each of the children adore her and Victoria was amazing through my labor which I will share when I write my birth story. She even cut the cord! She and my wonderful husband were my anchors and support.

    Our family moments after Moriyah's birth

    David blessing his new daughter with the Aaronic Blessing

    I am thankful that David is home for the next two weeks so I can rest. He already has fun projects planned for he and the children. I feel good and it's nice to have a smaller baby to care for this time around!  Many thanks to all of you for your love, prayers and concern for our family.  I am so deeply touched and humbled beyond description.  Birth story and pictures to follow shortly :)


    Scripture and Quotes

    "Children are a heritage of YHWH; the fruit of the womb is His reward. As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. " Psalm 127:3-4

    The Scriptures teach that debt is a curse and children are blessings; but in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture.

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