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What I love about you...

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Weeks 13-16

Four months already! We are having so much fun with you that I forget to take pictures.  Here are a few favorites from this month...

I LOVE that you are getting bigger and filling out with all the Mommy milk. I'm comfortable letting the girls carry you around more.  They love it too!  

I LOVE how much you have changed our family and are teaching us all.  You've brought us closer as a family.  Only Abba could have done such a thing! The other night during Scripture time I looked over at you sitting is Sissy's lap and my eyes filled with tears.  The children adore you, are learning life skills from you and have learned to happily serve even more within our home.  Sissy is a huge help to me.  If I can't tend to you she gladly asks if she can.  She's the only one besides me that can put you down for naps with the exception of Gregory rocking you to sleep once this month.  He was so proud!  I LOVE that Sissy enjoys holding you while teaching or playing piano. You are learning the sounds and it calms you.

I LOVE that you have found your voice! You coo SO loudly throughout the day.  Even when you are nursing you will stop to look up at me and coo.  I LOVE that! You squeal in delight whenever we talk and interact with you.  You love Daddy and give him the best smiles! I LOVE how cute and tiny you look when he holds you. It reminds of our other girls and how fast they've grown and to cherish each moment with you as the days go by so quickly.

I LOVE that you no longer require the sound of running water or being outside to calm you.  Whew! That was a chore when we were out on errands.  We once had to flush the toilet in a Target over and over to get you to fall asleep!!  Now you go to sleep between 8:30-9pm each night and sleep until about 5am.  I feed you and put you back down then wake you for the day at 8am. You still spit up a lot and more than any of the other babies.  Mostly when I don't burp you well.  I LOVE that I can put you in your "command center" and you like it.  That is a term Daddy came up with for the excersaucer when Gregory was little. You are learning to bring objects to your mouth once you have actually grabbed them.

The girls love to dress you up and put bows in your hair

I LOVE to see you on the kitchen counter in your bouncy where so much of our hours are spent and as a part of our normal routine as life unfolds around you.  You are taking it all in and learning.

I LOVE that you have inspired Victoria to learn how to make things.  Here is her first dress she made just for you! 

We spent your first Thanksgiving at the Ranch with family.  It was your first time to wear shoes.  Of course the girls picked them out and just HAD to get them for you when we saw them at the store.

I LOVE you so much Moriyah.  You are a blessing! We are looking forward to your 5th month as you begin to sit up and roll over more if you are left alone long enough to accomplish these skills.  You are always being held by someone!  I'm so thankful each day to have you in our lives and family ♥

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Scripture and Quotes

"Children are a heritage of YHWH; the fruit of the womb is His reward. As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. " Psalm 127:3-4

The Scriptures teach that debt is a curse and children are blessings; but in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture.

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