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What I love about you

Posted by Stephanie on 1:02 PM
Weeks 3-4

I can't believe a month has gone by so quickly.
There are so many things I love about you Moriyah...

   I Love...

  • saying your name
  • how precious you looked when we had your portraits taken
    Sissy snapped these pics as the photographer was taking hers
  • how your big sister Victoria can calm you

  • the bonds that are being formed
  • that everyone kisses you as they walk by 
  • the coos and smiles that are starting
  • that you take at least 2 good naps during the day  
  • that you eat every 3 hours 
  • that we have a routine that is working
  • ending a busy day with you quietly nursing
  • that you turn to look for me when you hear my voice                    

      Here are a few photos taken over the last two weeks...

This is how you napped at the grocery store- in your sling

Your bonnet and booties were handmade with love by a sweet
little girl we met at Sukkot. Thanks again Miss Zoe and family!

Mommy loves you so much

A short video from last weekend...

Wow, a month went by so quickly! It was a precious time and exhausting at the same time. We are finally settling in to a nice routine.  I wake you at the same time each morning to start your day and have you eating every 3 hours.  We have some time awake time with you and then you are back down for a nap.  You seem more fussy than my other babies (but this time I have so many hands willing to help) and because of this I started our routine earlier that with the others. This way I know when you are fussy what exactly is wrong.  Victoria seems to calm you easily and I find myself asking her to hold you! I put you down while you are still awake and occasionally you fall asleep but mostly you are rocked, nursed to sleep at night.  You are just now starting to sleep in your crib since you sleep better there.  You go 4-5 hours at bedtime after bath and bedtime routine and then wake for the 3 hour feed before your morning feed/breakfast. 
We hardly left the house this month with the exception of your 2 week checkup, a grocery store trip, newborn portraits and a few dinners at Nana and Poppy's up the road. You weigh 9 pounds now and your face and body are filling out.  We've all had fun seeing if your eyes will turn brown because in the light they look grey/dark blue.  Of course we know they will be brown but it's been fun.   It's also been fun sharing you with the children and seeing how happy you make us all. The coos and smiles are starting! I was looking forward to that!

You are VERY loved sweet baby girl.  May Yah continue to keep His hand upon you, keep you healthy and safe.

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Michelle on August 27, 2011 at 1:38 PM said...

Loving your What I Love About You posts! I know you will love having them to look back on too. :) Moiyah looks like such a peaceful baby. You all look happy and well adjusted, too. Glad you are finding your new normal!

Shabbat Shalom!

Julie on August 27, 2011 at 2:33 PM said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing her with us. May Yah continue to bless you all! Shabbat shalom!

Peterson Party on August 27, 2011 at 11:15 PM said...

So precious! That could have been the fastest month ever :) So happy to hear that you are doing well and settling in to life with a new baby. It's awesome that you have so many helpers!

Enid on September 11, 2011 at 12:12 AM said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! And looks tall and so alert. Do you find with each birth you have the faster they seem to do things like coo and smile? We think it is that they have so many loving siblings to keep up with and (for lack of a better word) dote on them.
Larger families are such a wonderful blessing!

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